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School Mass

Many thanks to our 5th Grade Cantors who helped to lead the singing at our last School Mass for the 2015/2016 School Year. Their enthusiasm and energy were wonderful! Also, a special "thank you" to our three piano instrumentalists -- Ryan(Grade 3), Zachary(Grade 6), and Brendan(Grade 5) -- for their beautiful playing during the Prelude, during our Offertory, and at Communion time. Their pieces were most inspiring!

Thanks to all of our Cantor Groups this year in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th grades, and our Adult Liturgical Musician group -- comprised of extremely dedicated faculty, staff, and STMM parents. Also, much appreciation goes to Mr. Nelson and his band members for serving for several of our Masses as well. Thanks also to Mrs. Rosko for helping to prepare all of her students for our School Masses each week in Music class.

This year, we have been blessed to have 13 students in grades 3-7 who have served as instrumentalists at our School Masses and special school-wide religious events. We are most grateful for their sharing their gift of music with us to enhance our school liturgies. We hope to see these students serving in Music Ministry again in the coming school year along with some new faces.

A special thanks to Mrs. Lang for preparing our music for Mass each week, for rehearsing with the cantors and for preparing this School Mass announcement each week.

Last, but not least -- gratitude and thanks to all of the parents of our student Cantors and Instrumentalists (soloists and Band members) who have brought their children to school earlier than usual on Thursday mornings so they could be prepared to serve for Mass. Many mornings, it's a challenge just to get everyone to school on time, but to be able arrive early takes an extra amount of time and energy. Your help has not gone unnoticed, and it is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

May everyone have a safe and enjoyable summer!


Summer Camps

 We have seven weeks of morning camps for children age 3-5, a week of basketball camps, as well as three science camps and a week of art camp.  The link to camp registration is here:

StMM Fall Sports

Students trying out for any StMM sports team must turn in a NEW physical and permission form for the school year.  You cannot try out if it is not handed in.
*Boys Soccer Tryouts - August 15-16 - 4:30-6:00 - soccer field.
*Girls Volleyball Tryout - August 15-16 - 3:30-5:30 - gym
*Co-Ed Cross Country practice begins August 17 after school

2016-2017 School Calendar

Next year's school calendar is here on the school website:

How to Avoid Brain Drain Over the Summer



According to the National Education Association (NEA), parents need to encourage reading all summer. Take your child to the library for her/him to pick out books according to what they like to read. Before going on vacation, pick out travel books and audio books to listen to while travelling.

Web Resources for Online Learning: : articles, worksheets, tips for preschool - high school math, reading, puzzles, games $$ preschool-high school, math, languages, study skills, a global classroom, k-8th games, activities, lessons for elementary and middle school computer training, technology, lessons, career, and life lessons free summer reading program for all age offers free one-hour tutorials on coding

Fun and Interactive Ideas and Games:

·         Deck of cards: used as flashcards/game of war

·         Sidewalk chalk math problems, spelling words

·         Library programs, free books, audio books

·         Museum programs

·         Board games: Yahtzee, Boggle, etc

·         License plate game: math and states

·         Crafts for fine motor skills

·         Workbooks: 5 Below

·         Kids cook night: theme nights learn about different countries

·         Daily journals about summer vacation

·         Volunteer programs

·         Research High Schools for options

·         Parks programs: visit parks, register for programs

·         A-Z games: items in the grocery store

·         Missing items games

·         Plant a garden