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School Mass

Very special words of gratitude and thanks to many people today following our First Communion School Mass. Thanks to Mrs. Agnew, Mrs. Piccola, Mrs. Chanelli, Mrs. Ozaki, and all of the 2nd Grade Students for their hard work in preparing for today's Mass. All of the students did so well -- their processing and recessing, reading of the Prayers of the Faithful, bringing up the gifts, and singing! Also, thanks to Mrs. Blum, our 7th Grade Readers and Altar Servers, and to our 5th Grade Cantors who enthusiastically led the congregational singing for our liturgy. The Cantors all requested permission to be able to dress up to make this day more special for our First Communicants. Lasty, a very special note of thanks to our two student pianists -- Molly and Elena.

Many months ago, Molly  (3rd grade) approached us this past December or early January and said that she really wanted to play "Jesus, Come to Us" for the 2nd Grade students for their First Communion Mass. She and her piano teacher worked for several months, preparing an arrangement of that song that she would be able to handle as a beginning piano student. She put in many hours of practice time and really did such a beautiful job.

Elena  (4th Grade)  asked if there was a way that she could play for the First Communion Mass as well. She played "Winter Night" a nice, reverent piece to play as the 2nd Grade students processed into the church for the start of our School Mass. She, also, played beautifully.

It sends a special message when we have STMM students who, on their own, want to share their gift of music for a special School Mass so our younger students can have a more meaningful First Communion Mass.

Our last School Mass for the 2015/2016 School Year is next Thursday, June 2nd, which is the Thurday of the 9th Week in Ordinary Time.

The Daily Mass Readings for  June 2nd can be found on the URL below:

Our Responsorial Psalm Refrain will be:  Teach me your ways, O Lord.

Parents and other family members are always invited to join us at our school liturgy.


BOGO Used Uniform Sale

All used uniforms are on sale - buy one, get two free!


How to Avoid Brain Drain Over the Summer



According to the National Education Association (NEA), parents need to encourage reading all summer. Take your child to the library for her/him to pick out books according to what they like to read. Before going on vacation, pick out travel books and audio books to listen to while travelling.

Web Resources for Online Learning: : articles, worksheets, tips for preschool - high school math, reading, puzzles, games $$ preschool-high school, math, languages, study skills, a global classroom, k-8th games, activities, lessons for elementary and middle school computer training, technology, lessons, career, and life lessons free summer reading program for all age offers free one-hour tutorials on coding

Fun and Interactive Ideas and Games:

·         Deck of cards: used as flashcards/game of war

·         Sidewalk chalk math problems, spelling words

·         Library programs, free books, audio books

·         Museum programs

·         Board games: Yahtzee, Boggle, etc

·         License plate game: math and states

·         Crafts for fine motor skills

·         Workbooks: 5 Below

·         Kids cook night: theme nights learn about different countries

·         Daily journals about summer vacation

·         Volunteer programs

·         Research High Schools for options

·         Parks programs: visit parks, register for programs

·         A-Z games: items in the grocery store

·         Missing items games

·         Plant a garden


Online Ordering of Next Year's School Supplies

Pre-order next year's school supplies at  Online ordering is available until June 19.  All items will be shipped to the school in August.

Summer Camps

 We have seven weeks of morning camps for children age 3-5, a week of basketball camps, as well as three science camps and a week of art camp.  The link to camp registration is here:

2016-2017 School Calendar

Next year's school calendar is here on the school website:

Help Needed in the Dining Hall

Our ability to offer healthy options in the StMM cafeteria definitely depends on our parent volunteers!  We have special meals on Thursdays and need help those days!   Please sign up to volunteer to help with lunch service.  See the signup for more details.  No experience needed!