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Fine Arts

Name Title Group Email Phone
Nelson, Jeff Teacher Band Email 919-657-4800 x7131



Our band program is offered for students in 4th - 8th grade. Students in 4th - 6th who choose band have class twice a week and students in 7th & 8th have class three times a week. Students perform in two concerts a year and the older students also play at Mass.

Name Title Group Email Phone
Lang, Barbara Teacher Music Dept. Email 919-657-4800
Rosko, Beth Teacher Music Dept. Email 919-657-4800 x7140



Students in Prek - 6th grade have music once a week. They study music history, instruments, singing and musical theater.


Drama Program

The Drama  program at St. Mary Magdalene offers students a wide variety of classroom and extracurricular opportunities not found at other diocesan schools.
Students in 4th - 6th grade attend drama class weekly and 7th - 8th gr have the option to take drama as a fall elective. In addition to smaller drama performances throughout the year the Fall  Drama elective presents a Dessert Theater and in the Spring the Dance elective presents a showcase at the Halle Theater in downtown Apex.



Name Title Group Email Phone
Oglesby, Darlene Teacher Visual Arts Email 919-657-4800 x7132


Visual Arts 

  Our visual arts department is lead by a full-time art teacher.  Students in preschool through sixth grade have art weekly.  Seventh and eighth graders can choose a visual art class such as drawing, puppetry, textiles or sculpture as an elective.