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Technology Class

St. Mary Magdalene School uses a wide variety of web based applications throughout the curriculum. Our technology program is part of the core curriculum taught at each grade level.  We emphasize a project based learning environment which allows students to work with technology in all subjects. The links below are currently being used in our classrooms.  This page is accessed in technology class by students in all grades to easily navigate to the sites.  We make this page available to the students so that they can use these websites at home. 

Google Apps RenWeb Moodle iFolders



You no longer need to bring a flash drive to school with you, or have Mrs. Cadran e-mail your files home.  As of January, 2013, StMM now offers iFolders.  You can now save and share files that you work on at school,
and get them at home.

Animoto – Fully customizable slideshow maker

Bitstrips – Create and edit comics online

Create-A-Graph – Learn graphing fundamentals

Diigo – A bookmarking site that helps students find the links you prefer they use for assignments

Linoit – Online corkboard/message board creator

Kerpoof – Tools for animation, movie creation, and drawing

Kidblog – Create safe, secure online blogs your students can use for class discussions

Moodle - Online classroom learning platform

Storybird – Create beautiful stories with pre-drawn professional artwork

PB Works – Wikis for students/classroom activities

Popplet – A brainstorming and mind mapping tool

Primary Wall – Web-based sticky note tool for schools

Quizlet – Create online quizzes and flash cards

Timetoast – Create and share timelines on the Web

Twiducate – Online social media for students

Voki – Text to speech generator

Wallwisher – Create online “walls” students can post to. Secure access requires teacher approval for posting

Wordle – Create beautiful word clouds from text

Keyboarding Resources:

Keyboarding Resources - MyTyping Practice webpage gives you a drill in using the whole alphabet right from the start. You see a letter, you type it, another appears, and you type that. Any mistake gets signaled immediately, and you just have to type the correct letter. After 30 seconds, you get told how many letters you have typed. This encourages students to try again and improve their speed. Highflying skateboarder encourages students to type three and four letter words. A structured online touch-typing course to be used for keyboarding practice. Good for motivated individuals looking to develop keyboard skills at their own pace. These 18 lessons include ergonomics, letters, numbers, and punctuation. Feedback on speed and accuracy is provided. Color cues serve as reminders of correct fingering. This web site provides keyboarding instruction using the languages and keyboard layouts of 15 different countries. The practice bar scrolls and the background color is adjustable.  Another unique feature is the ability to type or paste any text into the practice window, and to have that text become the scrolling practice.  Try this week's vocabulary or spelling words and practice keyboarding and spelling at the same time!

Typing Tutor - This site does come with some advertisements.